You MUST have a partner to play in the race...

Luckily, we have just the matchmaker to help!

Announcing the 1st ever AS5K Pick-a-Partner-Thon

Against our better judgment (and due to HR banning all interoffice attempts), we have allowed Ape to bring his matchmaking skills to YOU – our wonderful Apesh*t Racers.

We witnessed a few “dramas” play out between partners at last year’s race. And even saw a few people get left behind (WTF?). So – if you are in need of a brand-spanking-new partner, or you’re just having trouble finding someone who appreciates your love of vintage pop-em plushes, APE IS HERE TO HELP!

Send a 1-2 minute video of yourself, telling prospective partners what they can expect if they team up with you for this year’s race. We will post the videos here and on Facebook so that you can pick who you’d like to partner with as well! If we get a match – well, the rest is history…


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8 months ago
Photos from AS5K's post

Mad props to this year's winner, The Stuffins, with an insane 3 minute 45 second 5K time. 9 out of 10 shots!! Nuts. Some well deserved beers in those trophies.

8 months ago
Photos from AS5K's post

We LOVED the costumes and custom T-shirts this year!!

8 months ago

Race times are in!!!

Get time subtracted from your race time? Run with a Gorilla? Stop to play cornhole during the race? Run with your partner!? All true! It's the APESH*T 5K folks and it's your kind of race. Grab ... See more